What are the benefits of joining ILSA?

There are many benefits of joining our Association such as:

​The ability to share information efficiently and effectively with other state officials; 
Provides a real-time forum to discuss best practices in identifying enforcement trends;
Provides access to the annual national conference;
• Ensures personal and effective interaction with state, federal and international labor law officials.

As labor law officials, we are quickly able to tap the resources of our state partners all over the country to provide research and assistance in enacting new laws, providing data to our elected or appointed officials and implementing new and better procedures for our staff. 

How do I get my state to become an Active Member state of ILSA?

•  Pay annual state dues
•  Respond to ListServ questions
•  Attend the national conference
•  Reap all of the benefits of membership!

What does my state get by being an Active Member?

As an active member-state of ILSA, you have at your fingertips:

•  instant access to your counterparts on a personal basis in all fifty states
The people on the ILSA ListServ are state government employees who work every day administering and enforcing the same laws you do -- minimum wage, overtime, child labor, prevailing wage, rest periods, in addition to the panoply of labor and workplace laws. Why re-invent the wheel? Share ideas with those who have the same labor law issues as you!

•  instant access to US DOL representatives who are actively involved in ILSA
These US DOL representatives know who ILSA is because they participate in it.

​•  for Active Member dues-paying states that cannot send a representative to   the national conference, the state will receive a post-conference packet containing information that was presented, plus specific contact information should there be any   questions about any of the presentations.  
Our success is due to the commitment of ILSA representatives from Active Member states who know the value of this organization that has been going strong for over fifty years and counting.

Where do the funds from the annual dues go?

A ten-member elected executive board manages all of the group’s activities and finances; no one receives any compensation from the organization.  Like any organization, we need resources in order to pay for our website, insurance, accounting, and administrative services, and to aid in financing ILSA’s annual national conference.  ILSA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  An elected Secretary-Treasurer manages the bank account for our organization.

What should I expect from the national conference?

You will grow your professional network exponentially! Administering and enforcing labor standards is complex.  Each state deals with the interplay between a variety of federal and state laws covering these very issues.  By attending the annual conference, you get to know your counterparts in the other states and at the federal level.  This interaction is invaluable to any professional.  As a government labor official, when you are faced with a new situation, question, mandate, or request, you can turn to distinguished peers who can provide you with first-hand knowledge and insight.  You will also be able to provide your state and its decision-makers at multiple levels with fresh ideas and informed feedback, because you can quickly reach out to your national network of cohorts.  Conference attendees also have praised the opportunity to learn about new and efficient procedures for staff which many people take back and implement within their own departments and units.

The mission of our organization is to share effective labor law enforcement and educational strategies to improve the American workplace in each of our states.  If you have never been to an ILSA annual conference, go once, and you will be convinced!  Attendees learn about what is happening in other states and within Washington, DC with regard to labor standards issues.  You will come away from every conference with a renewed sense of purpose for your work, full of innovative ideas, and will be well-informed about issues close to home and on the horizon.  You will know why ILSA’s members reconvene together, in person, year after year.  ILSA uses its designation as a national non-profit organization of government employees to negotiate discounted hotel rates to enable the investment being made in your attendance at the conference to be of significant value.

How do I change the designated ILSA contact and/or any of the contact information for my state? 
​Contact your regional ILSA representative found on the "ILSA Contacts" link at the top of this page.