2020 - Kenneth Nealy, Tennessee 
2019 - Michael Watts, Jr. - Washington D.C.
2018 -
Eric Rood, California
2017 - Lindsay Moore, Arkansas
2016 - Lee McDaniel, New Mexico
2015 - Heather Rowe, Massachusetts
2014 -
Lester Claravall, Oklahoma
2013 - Brent Asay, Utah
2012 - Gary K Pechie, Connecticut
2011 - Jack Finn, Michigan
2010 - Tonya McCormack, Montana
2009 - Christopher D. Alund, New York
2008 - Lester P. Claravall, Oklahoma
2007 - Nance S. Steffen, California
2006 - Robert S. Kennedy, Ohio
2005 - Mary Ellen Grace Tennessee
2004 - Jim Taylor, North Carolina

We encourage and assist in the effective administration of labor laws.  We endeavor to provide fair and equitable delivery of services and protections to wage earners, and to provide a safe and legal work environment for young workers.  We strive to assist those employers operating in a fair and just manner by assuring consistent administration of labor standards laws.

ILSA's mission is to share effective labor law enforcement and educational strategies to improve the American workplace in each of our states. 

 The original objective dating back over 50 years--to share information--is still the same today. Our organization's purpose is to encourage and assist in improving the administration of the laws and regulations by exchanging labor standards information among our member states. Our customers' needs are important to us, so information focuses on what really works for you. ILSA members regularly share ongoing developments in laws, procedures, court decisions, and enforcement activities.
“I want to thank our ILSA partners for sharing the funding mechanisms that pay for public works enforcement in their respective states.  This was instrumental in providing guidance to our new public works contractor registration law, which will take effect on July 1, 2014.  This new law will fund a $11.4 million public works enforcement program in California and provide protections to law abiding contractors by preventing scofflaw contractors from bidding on and working on public works projects.  Ultimately, it will help us ensure a just day’s pay for a hard day’s work for all workers on California public works jobs.  Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience so we could make this happen.” 

​  --Julie A. Su, California State Labor Commissioner


1986 - Frank Smith, New Mexico
​​1985 -
Donald A, McGrath, Michigan

1984 - Sandra L. Hicks, Arkansas
1983 - Donald W. Bruner, Kansas
1982 - Robert J. Boler, Arizona
1981 - James Easterly, North Carolina
1980 - Larry Kosta, Texas
1979 - Richard J. Polsinello, New York
1978 - James Quillin, California
1977 - Charles E McCoy, Kentucky
1976 - James L. Stelsel, Wisconsin
1975 - John Killeen, Michigan
1974 - Orville Hagen, North Dakota
1973 - Barbara Esterling, Ohio
1972 - E.J. Malone, Minnesota
1971 - Jerry Addy, Iowa
1970 - Douglas Ajer, Wisconsin
2003 - Gerald A. Barnett, Pennsylvania
2002 -
Chester Skorupa, Texas

2001 - Martin Gartzman, New Jersey
2000 - Colleen Strasburg, Utah
1999 -
Michelle Collins, Florida
1998 - Mary Ellen Grace, Tennessee
1997 - Jack Mrozak, New York
1996 - Nance S. Steffen, California
1995 - Gary K. Pechie, Connecticut
1994 - Sandra H. King, Arkansas
1993 - J.R. "Randy" Carr, Alaska
1992 - Paul R. Tiffany, Oregan
1991 - Thomas A. Harris, North Carolina ​1990 - William J. Clark, New Jersey
1989 - Nancy B. Burkheimer, Maryland
1988 - Kerrie Gers, Oklahoma
1987 - Larry L. Roberts, Kentucky